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Used PeepHole Camera Visitor Log Camera

Available Retail (single) or Wholesale (bulk) Pricing

$52.50 $70.00


Redefine Your Peephole Experience
Peephole Camera - SHC500
Get Whole New Experience. See & Record Your Visitors from Big Clear Display
Replace your outdated peephole with big screen peephole camera that is wire free & long lasting in battery power. Record clear sharp visitor images at doorstep & keep digital log files that can be replayed at a simple push of button.
Concealed Design
Enhance greeting safety for children and the elderly by keeping viewing screen hidden behind the door and unseen by outside visitors.
Best Image Angle
Capture best image angle of visitors from upfront, not sideways. Never ever second guess who is outside at your door.
Digital Visitor Log
Capture your visitors and review their images with an easy push of a button.
Clear & Sharp Image on the Big LCD Screen
Know who is at your doorstep from big 2.7” LCD screen display from behind. See visitors clearly from the screen display before open front door.
Long Lasting Power
Run by 4 AA batteries, the camera works up to 3000 triggers or 6 month long.
Quick DIY Installation
Mount to front door peephole in minutes using no fancy tools & wire free. Keep front door's original design intact & not damaged.