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Strikeman Laser Firearm Cartridge Training Kit - Phone Mount and Target only

$99.00 $198.00

Strikeman Laser Firearm Cartridge Training Kit - Phone Mount and Target only

Condition: Open Box

This listing is for a Strikeman Target and Phone Mount only. This kit is complete with  phone mount and target, and all original packaging.  Practice your aim and draw without spending money on ammunition. 

"Strikeman is a dry-fire training system that allows you to practice your shooting skills without the need for live ammunition. By using our signature target, laser cartridge and smartphone holder in unison with our phone app, you can safely practice your shot in the comfort of your home.

Traditional shooting practice is expensive. Now you no longer need to pay for range fees and ammunition to improve your accuracy.


Strikeman allows you to develop your shot safely at a much lower cost, with live feedback, and accuracy metrics in our app that show your progress with every session.


Dry-fire training isnt a new concept. Police officers, the military and special ops teams have been using dry-fire training to improve their shootings skills for years. The Strikeman training system is bridging the gap between expensive shooting technology, and affordability for Americans nation-wide.


The laser cartridge is designed without a rim, so the cartridge doesnt get ejected after firing. The back of the laser bullet has a rubber button pad that safely absorbs the impact of the firing pin and triggers the laser to strike when the gun is fired. The cartridge is 100% safe for your firearm, and will not damage the weapon during use.


Strikeman Benefits

With Strikeman, your aim will get better, faster. Customers report a dramatic increase in shooting accuracy within only 2 weeks.

Say goodbye to range fees and expensive target ammo. Practice shooting as much as you like without breaking the bank.

Our laser cartridge is safe for your firearm, performing like a blank that makes no sound when you fire.