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Stanadyne Performance Formula #38564 Diesel Fuel Additive 2 - 8oz Bottles


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Stanadyne Performance Formula #38564 Diesel Fuel Additive 2 - 8oz Bottles

Condition: New

1)Restores/Increase Horsepower – detergents clean deposits in the injection system resulting in improved combustion, better acceleration, power, and torque.
2)Reduces Fuel Consumption – independent tests show an average of 4 percent improvement in MPG and gains up to 9.6 percent.
3)Cetane Improver – improves combustion resulting in better engine starting, smooth running, and reduced engine noise.
4)Meets all engine fuel system requirements - will not harm exhaust aftertreatment systems.
5)Reduces Emissions – reduces Smoke and Particulates.
6)Cleans and Protects – detergents and deposit modifiers help protect injection pumps, injectors, nozzles, etc.
7)Reduces Wear – lubricity improvers restore lubricity to ultra low sulfur and other low lubricity diesel fuels.
8)Stabilizes Fuel - keeps fuel fresher and protects against formations of gums caused by oxidation.
9)Cold Weather Protection – improves diesel pour point up to 40 F (22 C), and cold filter plug point by up to 25 F (13 C), depending on base fuel.
10)Corrosion Preventative – Corrosion inhibiters will protect the fuel system from rust and corrosion.
11)Helps Remove Water – special demulsifiers cause tiny water droplets to come out of suspension/emulsion, so the filter/separator can more effectively remove water.
12)Contains No Alcohol – avoids corrosion and accelerated wear.
13)Specially Formulated - for use with ultra low sulfur diesel fuel Can be used with Bio Diesel Fuel up to B20 (20 percent bio content approved ) – increased water separation shown in bio content up to B20.