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Online Retailer Pallet


$595.00 $3,000.00

These MASSIVE pallets are untouched and NOT processed through. They are delivered, stored and untouched until shipment in a separate warehouse.  

These items that have been purchased on an online/ecommerce marketplace.  The condition of these items varies greatly based on the retailers specific return policy.  The more strict the return policy the better the quality of returned merchandise (typically but not always). Often times retailers mix overstock, seasonal, shelf pull and new merchandise in with returned merchandise.  Customer returns are not for everyone as these lots and truckloads require processing, testing and minor repairs of the merchandise to maximize your profit. 

You will be invoiced for shipping after you pallet is weighed. Shipping is generally between $300-$400. Your pallet will not be shipped until the shipping fee has been paid.

Discounts are not valid on pallets