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Open-box Hydro Gizmos Premium Glass Decanter Set

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$56.25 $75.00

Open-box Hydro Gizmos Premium Glass Decanter Set

  • Time for a toast In the mood for a big boy beverage? Pour up and luxuriate in with HG’s luxury whiskey glass set. The eye catching glass decanter is ideal for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rum.
  • Make it a party beautify your home or office, AND savor a drink with some friends, all with the same whisky set. Your HG personalized decanter includes 4 signature drinking glasses to match. Crystal clear and cut to perfection.
  • Pour chill indulge Now you can top off delicious drinks with HG’s reusable cooling cubes! Your bonus set of 9 never-melting whiskey stones keeps liquor ice cold from top to bottom and never waters it down.
  • Complete whiskey set Keep your bar or liquor cart neat like your whiskey. This FREE stainless steel funnel is the finishing touch to your whiskey glass and decanter set!