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25 Units Bags NLNYCT Fidget Toys,Fidget Toy Pack,Popper Fidget Toy,Toys for Kids Adults ADHD,Wristband Fidget Toys,Silicone Stress Toys (Ice Cream)

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NLNYCT Fidget Toys, Fidget Toy Pack, Popper Fidget Toy, Toys for Kids Adults ADHD, Wristband Fidget Toys, Silicone Stress Toys (Ice Cream)

condition: brand new factory sealed 

qty: 25 Bagged pops . So you will receive more than 25 individual pops 

  • 【A Good Helper for Mom&Dad】 Are you troubled that you cannot have your own free time with your children all day? Then buy these Fidget packs, which keep your children away from video games and TV, allow them to play attentively, and also exercise their mathematical thinking and logical thinking, so that you can have a quiet afternoon tea time, give you back the good mood of the day.

  • 【High-quality Toys Set】The Fidget toys set contains ten products to meet your needs for various sensory toys. You will feel that each product is beyond value for money. Especially this set includes a new version of the popular bracelet, your child can bring it and enjoy the fun of fashion at any time. The simple design has great magic power, soothes your mood, and brings you happiness.

  • 【Relieve Anxiety】Fidget toy sets can be played in various scenes such as the room, bed, office, car, etc. The bubbles store energy when you push them in from one of the sides, so when you flip, you can just gently slide your finger along them as they go PO PO PO. Simple and repetitive actions can relieve the pressure on you or your child anytime and anywhere.

  • 【High-grade material】Simple dimple fidget pack uses food-grade silicone material, which is safe and non-toxic, meets American toy standards. The rubber prices are stretchy but thick enough that they won’t break