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Minolta MN693 Mini LCD Portable Projector and 80 Inch Screen (open box)

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$86.25 $115.00

Open box

Minolta MN693 Mini LCD Portable Projector and 80 Inch Screen

FULL PROJECTOR BUNDLE - Bring the best details of your favorite TV shows and movies with this pocketable portable projector! Enjoy a high-quality picture indoors or outdoors with this mini Minolta projector that includes an 80-inch screen and tripod.

COMPACT SIZE - The Minolta HD mini projector only weighs 1.4lbs, nearly half the size of similar products on the market - compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Great for travel or bringing to your friends house. No elaborate setup needed!

It's portable, so you can throw it in a bag and take it anywhere to create a cinema-like atmosphere almost anywhere!

The small projection is compatible with a TV stick, laptop, US drives, DVD player, tablets, and smartphones (with an extra adapter) to play cartoons, movies, and display photos. It also can be easily connected to your favorite gaming device and enjoy your favorite video games on a large screen image.

FEATURE PACKED - Includes remote for fast playback control and a mini tripod for even faster setup. Supports up to 1080P resolution and works with screen sizes ranging between 30-80 inches. 1000:1 Contrast Ratio.