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Google - Nest Smart Programmable Wifi Thermostat - Snow

Available Retail (single) or Wholesale (bulk) Pricing

$96.75 $129.00

Factory Sealed

Color: Snow

Model: G4CVZ


Easy to install and use.

Designed so you can install yourself. Installation usually takes 30 minutes or less. You can quickly create a schedule that’s right for you. To change the temperature, swipe the touch bar on the side or use the Google Home app from anywhere.

Control from anywhere.

You can change the temperature, adjust your schedule, and more from the free Google home app.* Or ask Google to change the temperature - just say, "Hey Google, turn up the heat."**

Compatible with the Google Home app.

Easily adjust temperature and comfort settings from anywhere using your Google Home app.*

Heating and cooling system care.

Your thermostat can monitor your heating and cooling system and alert you if something doesn't seem right.*** It can also send helpful reminders like when it's time to replace your filter.

ENERGY STAR® certified thermostat.

The Nest Thermostat energy-saving features earned an ENERGY STAR® from the EPA.**** Also, the Nest Thermostat can use a built-in sensor and your phone's location to check if you've left the house. Then it can set itself to an Eco temperature to save energy.

Designed with the environment in mind.

The Nest Thermostat is designed with recycled materials to reduce waste. Its plastic parts contain 49% recycled post-consumer plastic.

Finds ways to help you save.

Savings finder looks for more ways to save, and suggests tweaks to your schedule.

Monitors your systems.*****

Help catch many heating and cooling system issues early with peace of mind reminders and helpful alerts sent straight to your smartphone.

*Remote control and mobile notifications require working internet and Wi-Fi.