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5 units of Universal 2-in-1 Stroller Ride Board, Detachable Seat Baby Stroller Glider Board Accessories Stand Stroller (upto 55 pounds)

Available Retail (single) or Wholesale (bulk) Pricing


condition:  Brand New

weight: 55 pounds 

color: black 

model number:  T1006

  • 【2-in-1 STROLLER RIDE BOARD】: The ride board adopts a detachable seat design. Children can choose to sit or stand on the stroller board. The non-slip standing platform and comfortable seat enable children to enjoy the journey safely.
  • 💙【UNIVERSAL STROLLER BOARD】: The stroller board uses an advanced Velcro connection, almost all strollers can be installed, and use the rotary button adjusts the horizontal angle of the pedal to adapt to the stroller of different heights; it can be quickly connected with the stroller in a few seconds.
  • 💙【OVERALL COMFORT DESIGN】: From comfortable seats to cushioned wheels, this universal Ride-On Stroller Board can bring you smooth ride pleasure! You can even adjust the connector arm according to the size of the child to increase the walking space (the maximum distance can be increased to 13 inches), so as to provide comfort for children.
  • 💙【STABLE AND PORTABLE】: sturdy and professionally designed, our advanced Baby Stroller Glider Board can safely accommodate children under 55 pounds! This glider board is easy to carry, It can be dismantled or hung on the handlebar of the stroller with a nylon lanyard, which is convenient for switching and using during travel.
  • 💙【STROLLER ACCESSORIES FOR TWO TODDLERS】: When you take 2 toddlers to travel or go shopping, our buggy board is installed on the back of the stroller, so you can take an older child for a drive at the same time ! However, please note that this type of stroller board is not suitable for lighter weight and smaller strollers, which may easily cause the stroller to tilt. For the unnecessary trouble of returning the goods, please read it carefully, thank you