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19 units of the brand new 2PCS Hanging Solar Lights Solar-Powered Lantern Outdoor Hanging Decor

Available Retail (single) or Wholesale (bulk) Pricing


 Hanging Solar Lights Solar-Powered Lantern  Outdoor Hanging Decor

condition: brand new 

color: copper 

brand:   Poonning 

Qty: 2 in each box (19 boxes) = 38 lights all together

  • √ Unique Olive Shape Hanging Pattern Design: A decorative solar lantern for hanging ensures a great effect when the lamp glows in the dark. It shines a wonderful beam of light on the floor, enriches a joyful atmosphere in your house and fills the surroundings with peace and beauty.

  • √ Solar-powered and energy-saving: Thanks to the integrated solar cells that charge a built-in battery, these lights can be placed in your outdoor area completely without a power connection. These solar lights charge during the day and emit your stored light when it is dark, making your solar lantern environmentally friendly, free of operating costs, and easy to use.

  • √ Long working time: Built-in high-quality 1.2 V NiMH AA 500MAH battery. If the battery is fully charged for more than 6 hours with sufficient sunshine, the lamp for the decor lights up for 8 to 10 hours at night. Turn on the "ON" button, it will light up automatically at night.

  • √ Durable and waterproof : Developed with a strong metal case, it cannot be easily damaged. The waterproof stand of this hanging solar lamp for outdoor use is IP44. The decorative solar lantern withstands any weather. No wires needed, just hang it up anywhere